This is my personal 2021 project. I have wanted to create illustrations to represent mental health ever since my Alzheimer's project for my final major project in University. I love creating imagery to represent thoughts and feelings that are hard to describe, and I hope that these images help people to understand a little bit better.

'Even the Flowers Have Eyes'

'I'm Somewhere Else'

To me, this image represents getting lost in your own ruminating thoughts, a busy mind that sweeps you away or your mind taking over your own self.

'Something is Growing'

To me. this image represents something a little more positive. I feel like it represents growth and development through time, struggle and hard work. Rooting yourself in the 'now' and being mindful. 


This represents a scrambled mind. Too many thoughts or ideas and trying to cater to everyone. Overthinking, perfectionism, overanalysing and not being able to escape it. 

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