I was asked to create illustrations based around the mystery of Lymm Cross which is situated in the Lymm Village, Cheshire. The monument dates back to the 17th century, but little is known about its origin. After doing a little research of my own, I created these two illustrations based on some local stories around the cross. 

'Lymm Minerva' 2019

One rumour is is that the sandstone base of the cross is part of the original shrine to Minerva. Minerva was the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, arts, medicine and much more. So, I decided to draw Minerva with Lymm Cross replacing her helmet (not looking more like a crown) with flowers and leaves flowing through her hair, conveying a sense of chaotic beauty and life. I even gave her a 'Save Time' tattoo on her temple, which is one of the inscriptions found on the cross. I wanted this illustration to represent the power of Minerva and connect her to the cross.

'Lymm Owl' 2019

The owl has traditionally been linked to Minerva and is now used as a symbol representing everything Minerva stands for. I gave the owl a Lymm cross crown too, with flowers protruding from it. If you look closely you can even find a 1775 tag on its ankle, which is again inscripted on one of the pillars of the cross.
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